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Winning Moves

The theme for the Jersey Finance Annual Funds Conference 2015 was chess with a conference colour pallet of red and black. We created two custom cocktails, one red and one black, and then also used the same flavours to make

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Welcome to the new website

You may have noticed that February started and our website was still reading “closed for Christmas”. That’s because big changes are afoot here in the Alchemist Dreams laboratory. We’ve been thinking long and hard about the future of Alchemist Dreams

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Counting Sheep: The Science of Sleep

The British Library invited us to enliven one of their public science events with a themed cocktail bar for the second time. We came up with a special menu of dream and sleep inspired cocktails for them: The Blackest of

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Tasting Evening

For a financial company’s end of year celebration we put together a full evening of delights. The evening began with a talk and tasting, Anatomy of a Blend, which teaches flavour matching techniques for designing a unique but balanced liqueur

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Run by the charming Spork Club, SPEAT is an evening of small games with food which also uses a speed dating format. You can come along, meet some strangers and play with your food. Alchemist Dreams provided them with a

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Betrayer’s Banquet

The Betrayer’s Banquet is a combined game and banquet where players/diners move up and down a long table as they play. There is gourmet food at the top, near inedible food at the bottom and increasingly good food in between.

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Cocktails matched to local foods

Collaborating with several specialist caterers Alchemist Dreams produced one cocktail for each of a number of food stations, every station based on a particular London taste. The event was the board party of a major company who prefer not to

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Markel BLIS Launch

Markel wanted something with a science twist to entertain guests at their new biomedical and life sciences product launch. We provided cocktails poured from smoking teapots by lab-coated waitresses while the Head Alchemist created further concoctions behind a bench covered

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Intoxicating Tales

Another in our series of public events, Intoxicating Tales was an evening of stories accompanied by cocktails designed to whisk you inside the world of the story. Alchemist Dreams teamed up with the enchanting storyteller Kat Quatermass to bring you

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Wood Smoked Cocktails

We always like to come up with something completely new to show off for The Experimental Food Society Spectacular. This year we no exception. We designed and built a completely new system for smoking liquids which looks like nothing you

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