Cocktails matched to local foods

Collaborating with several specialist caterers Alchemist Dreams produced one cocktail for each of a number of food stations, every station based on a particular London taste. The event was the board party of a major company who prefer not to be named.

Covent Garden
This food station served fresh salads from New Covent Garden Market. We accompanied this with a rhubarb jelly dome, encasing a fresh mint sprig.

Fresh mint enrobed in a rhubarb jelly dome.

Fresh mint enrobed in a rhubarb jelly dome.

Smithfield Market
For the station serving beef from Smithfield’s the accompanying cocktail was made with spices traditionally used to flavour beef: juniper, nutmeg and sezechuan pepper. Combined with a hint of coffee from a nearby London roastery, the spices were carried on an elderberry base.

Billingsgate Market
To accompany fresh Billingsgate Market fish we produced a taste of the sea: the bite of juniper and black pepper on a base of edible dulse seaweed, with just a touch of salt breeze.

Brick Lane
For the brick lane station we re-used a cocktail developed for a previous event. Based on the annual Baishaki Mela festival, the cocktail is based on the ingredients of traditional sweets served at the festival: lime, ginger and cardamom plus a hint of rose for the huge floral floats passing by.

Chocolate Box
A dark, soft and smoky flavour with just a touch of fire served as a neat shot. Perfect to savour with the Paul Young handcrafted chocolates at this station: a dark malt and ginger base finished with oak smoke.

High Tea
This final cocktail was available at the bar to round off the meal. Served hot by adding an equal quantity of hot water to the liqueur this tipsy tea flavour combines oolong tea and bergamot to create a smoky Earl Gray which lies on a sweet strawberry base. Redolent of a hot summer’s day and tea on the lawn.

All of the liqueurs were also given to attendees as miniatures complete with instructions allowing them to recreate each of the cocktails at home. A great celebration of British food!

Enrobing fresh herbs in our liqueur jelly was a new innovation for this event. We are keen to expand this technique to other sizes and shapes of jelly and to other edible objects, not limited to herbs. Is there something you would like us to trap in jelly for you? Get in touch

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