Aloft Launch

For the launch of their new hotel in London’s Docklands, the first hotel worldwide of a whole new chain, the Starwood team wanted some drinks to reflect the local area. We researched the history and looked at the present of the area and presented a shortlist of six flavours to the team. Their final selections represented the modern, buzzing, active face of East London.

Aloft Launch 1

Hoxton Mocha: An orange, chocolate, coffee and cinnamon liqueur blended with ice to a frappuchino consistency. The Hoxton Mocha is based on coffee because it is the lifeblood running through the silicon roundabout tech scene. The final drink was a vibrant orange so the coffee flavour came as a complete surprise on that first sip so that just like the modern East End, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Baishaki Mela: A lime, ginger, cardamom and rose liqueur served with a dash of soda and garnished with fresh petals. Based on a hidden gem of the city, the Baishaki Mela is the largest street festival in the country after the Notting Hill carnival yet receives little attention from outside. The cocktail is based on the ingredients of traditional sweets served at the festival, plus a hit of rose for the huge floral floats passing by.

Sunset on the Thames: A juniper, nutmeg, black pepper and butterfly pea flower liqueur. A little more conceptual we added this cocktail just for the wow factor. Using butterfly pea flower we created a blue liqueur which, when tonic water was added, instantly turned sunset pink!

The cocktails were served at the launch to a packed house of press come to experience the new Aloft concept and kept them partying until the early hours.

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