About us

Alchemist Dreams started making handmade liqueurs in 2010 with a unique concept: Design your own liqueur. From a simple online retailer the company has grown into a consultancy specialising in events, bars, experiences and alcoholic jelly sculpture. But our unique handmade liqueurs are still at the heart of everything we do, whether it’s designing a liqueur which tastes just like old books for the British Library or running a team building event for a firm in the City.

Our past clients have included: Garnier, Markel, The Canadian Tourism Commission, Unruly Media, Crown, Imperial College, The British Library, Starwood Hotels and The Science Museum

Why not work with us to make your event go with a bang?

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Ruth Ball is the founder, mastermind and sole full-time employee of Alchemist Dreams. She is supported by a raft of talented friends and freelancers who are brought in for projects as needed. Her work is informed by a life-long passion for experimenting with flavour as well as a chemistry degree from Imperial College. She has been tasting spirits and mixing cocktails for more years than she has legally been allowed to (don’t drink kids, stay in school) and developed those passions into a profession on graduation when she discovered that she had an idea which had never been attempted before.


Lately, research for the Secret Project has lead her deep into newspaper archives and high into Scottish glens, making her something of an expert on the cultural and legal history of spirits in Britain.