Betrayer’s Banquet

The Betrayer’s Banquet is a combined game and banquet where players/diners move up and down a long table as they play. There is gourmet food at the top, near inedible food at the bottom and increasingly good food in between.

Betrayer's banquet 1

We created a cocktail as the first course of the banquet, which meant creating four different cocktails.
For the top table, we used a house blend of blackberry, ginger and Szechuan pepper liqueur topped up with sparkling wine. It was garnished with fresh blackberry and candied ginger rested on the side of the glass.

Betrayer's banquet 2

For the next table, the “good” table, we used the same liqueur but topped up with a splash of soda and garnished just with a floating blackberry.

Betrayer's banquet 3

For the next table, the “acceptable” table, we provided plain blackberry liqueur with no mixer or garnish. Pleasant enough, but not up to our usual standards.

Betrayer's banquet 4

And finally, we would never normally do this to our guests but tasting something genuinely unpleasant if you find yourself sent to the bottom of the table is a key part of the experience. On the bottom table each guest received a tiny splash of pure wormwood, a very bitter herb which we would normally use only as a tiny trace in a blend.

Betrayer's banquet 5

Most refused to even try this little puddle of pondwater, there was no-one to tell them what it was, but when one did the faces they pulled definitely added to the evening’s entertainment.

Betrayer's banquet 6

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