British Biscuit Festival

Commissioned for the 2012 British Biscuit Festival we designed some special cocktails with a biscuity twist.
Twisted Mocha in a biscuit cup: An orange, coffee, chocolate and cinnamon liqueur served in an edible biscuit cup! A thick layer of chocolate keeps the cup watertight while you drink and you can eat it when you’re done.

British Biscuit Festival 1

Jaffa Cake Fizz: An orange and chocolate liqueur topped up with sparkling wine and served with a mini jaffa cake afloat in the glass.

Teacup in a Storm: A lime, ginger and elderflower garnished with a tiny floating chocolate teacup. (After all, chocolate is a close cousin to the biscuit and the teacups are so cute!)

British Biscuit Festival 2

All accompanied by a haunted teapot.

British Biscuit Festival 3

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