Canada Shared, Canada Squared

Canada Shared, Canada Squared was a showcase event to introduce over 30 signature Canadian tourist experiences to the UK market. Hosted at Canada House and with guests from media and industry greeted by both the Canadian High Commissioner and Prince Andrew this was no small affair. With each room decorated to represent a season, walking guests through a year in Canada, Alchemist Dreams were commissioned to provide food and drink for the first room: winter.

Canada shared, Canada squared 1

The specially designed Taste of a Forest, used for both cocktails and jelly sculptures, was created to give guests a taste of a Canadian forest in winter. The major base was a custom pine needle flavour which has a subtle fresh, green flavour with just a hint of that Christmas scent. On top of that were layered cool, fresh flavours of juniper and bergamot like a cool mountain wind finishing with a touch of black pepper for bite. Finally, because who can think of Canada without it, the liqueur was sweetened with a dash of pure Canadian maple syrup.

Canada shared, Canada squared 2

For the cocktail this was served well chilled with tonic water and small bottles of the liqueur were also given as a gift for attendees to take home to remind them of their visit.

Canada shared, Canada squared 3

For display we created six jelly pine trees and as canapés presented individual serving maple leaves. Both were produced using the Taste of the Forest liqueur and made from our unique 19% abv vegan jelly.

Canada shared, Canada squared 4

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