Counting Sheep: The Science of Sleep

The British Library invited us to enliven one of their public science events with a themed cocktail bar for the second time. We came up with a special menu of dream and sleep inspired cocktails for them:

The Blackest of Nightmares was a blackberry and black pepper liqueur coloured a deep black with the ink of a nightmare squid (well, a normal squid anyway)

Wake Awake was an orange, coffee, chocolate and cinnamon liqueur with caffeine for those too scared to sleep but also with a deceptive bright orange colour. The incongruity of taste and colour reflecting the confusion of dreams.

Drink Me was a tribute to the dreamlike world of Alice in Wonderland. A chocolate, ginger and butterfly pea flower liqueur which changed colour in front of the drinker’s eyes.

But on the night it was the decoration which stole the show. We created some table centres of fluffy clouds decorated with miniature alarm clocks and friendly sheep.

Counting Sheep 1

And those cheeky sheep just got themselves everywhere…

Counting Sheep 2

We think they’d been drinking…

Counting Sheep 3

And we were missing a few at the end of the night. Hopefully they went home with the audience but if The British Library start to find nibble marks on the books we can only apologise for our naughty sheep.

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