We can make liqueurs for you in all the flavours of your dreams. We can make them change colour, sparkle or taste like a forest in winter.

Ask us to design a blend to your specifications, choose your own combination of flavours from our standard selection below or use a tried and tested house blend. We accept orders from two bottles to two hundred so email us at to see what we can make for you.


When designing your own flavour we recommend adding one or two accents to a fruit base but if you’re feeling confident you can make you own rules!

Base flavours:
Raspberry – The quintessential English summer fruit, our raspberry liqueur is light, sweet and fragrant.
Strawberry – Raspberry’s eternal rival. A little sweeter and bolder but just as delicious.
Blueberry – A very subtle aromatic flavour, a good base for floral accents.
Blackberry – The classic bold hedgerow flavour which stands up well to stronger spice accents.
Lime – A zesty cocktail classic and a perfect base for aromatic spices.
Orange – We use just the zest of the fruit to make a fresh, tangy orange.

Accent flavours:
Almond – Actually, this flavour is made with apricot kernals. They’re more almondy than almonds.
Basil – The classic Italian herb for savoury cooking, basil also works well as a contrast to something sweet.
Bergamot – A beautiful aromatic citrus flavour usually used in earl grey tea.
Black pepper – Just as for basil the hot bite of black pepper really brings up the sweetness of a fruit base.
Cacao – Made using raw cacao nibs this is a rich, intense and just slightly bitter chocolate.
Cardamom – The complex, aromatic flavour of green cardamom can add a special something to your blend.
Cinchona – Traditionally used to make tonic water, cinchona contains quinine which glows under UV light!
Cinnamon – Warm and rich, cinnamon is the perfect choice to complement a whole range of flavours
Clove – A traditional Christmas spice but clove is also used in some of the spicier gins.
Coffee – We use locally roasted Nude Espresso beans to produce our coffee liqueur
Elderberry – Another traditional hedgerow fruit, the dried berries which we use produce a wonderful base note.
Elderflower – In contrast, the flowers of the same tree are light and floral, a perfect high note in a blend.
Ginger – Made from fresh ginger root this liqueur is fiery and fresh.
Juniper – This is the classic gin aromatic. Juniper is sharp and citrusy but with a hint of resinous pine.
Lavender – An unusual flavour, used more often only for it’s scent, but used frequently for cooking in Provence and great with raspberry.
Nutmeg – A complex, aromatic flavour which combines well with other spices and accents.
Oolong – A light and smoky black tea, slow infused to make the perfect base for spicy flavours
Rose – A classic light floral, perfect as a contrast to a sharp lime or resinous juniper.
Sarsaparilla – A favourite of Victorian temperance bars, sarsaparilla was supposed to be even better than alcohol but surely it must better again to have both?
Szechuan Pepper – Not a true pepper, despite its name, Szechuan pepper is not hot but instead strong, fragrant, lemony and just a little tingly.
Vanilla – We infuse whole Madagascan vanilla pods to produce an intense vanilla flavour.
Wormwood – The most notorious ingredient of absinthe, we recommend only the tiniest dash of wormwood. Not because it’s hallucinogenic but because it is intensely bitter.