Intoxicating Tales

Another in our series of public events, Intoxicating Tales was an evening of stories accompanied by cocktails designed to whisk you inside the world of the story.


Alchemist Dreams teamed up with the enchanting storyteller Kat Quatermass to bring you an evening of stories and cocktails combined to thrill the palate and the imagination. The atmosphere of each story was brought to life by adding cocktails to fire all of the senses. Smell the smoke of the camp fire as travellers gather to tell their tales, taste the feast laid out inside the story… Storytelling is an ancient, spoken art and a perfect partner to sipping drinks and leaving the everyday world far, far behind.

The small, select audience tasted five cocktails and were transported to five different story worlds. Fairy tale, ghost story, bawdy romp -a different atmosphere for every different taste. The setting was Westminster Reference Library, a historic building of dark wood and iron balustrades,packed with watching books which will stay firmly on the shelves as attention is fixed on the storyteller. We are hugely grateful to the library for allowing us to use their space, without it this event could not have taken place and the magical atmosphere of Isaac Newton’s one-time residence is perfect for storytelling.

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