Run by the charming Spork Club, SPEAT is an evening of small games with food which also uses a speed dating format. You can come along, meet some strangers and play with your food. Alchemist Dreams provided them with a simple cash bar: a choice of four cocktails, including our fabulous colour changing cocktail, along with wine, beer and soft drinks. We also brought a few bouquets of our fabulous liqueur jelly lollipops.

We also designed a game for the main part of the event, based around flavour guessing with a little bit of a twist. Each player started the game by choosing one of the rules for the game without talking to their partner. If they chose complimentary rules the game would be easy and if they chose contrasting rules it became much harder.


We called it The Alchemist Dreams Compatibility Test. Players were rewarded with a discount on their next round equal to their score, which could be anywhere between nothing and 100%.

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