Welcome to the new website

You may have noticed that February started and our website was still reading “closed for Christmas”. That’s because big changes are afoot here in the Alchemist Dreams laboratory. We’ve been thinking long and hard about the future of Alchemist Dreams for a while. Which brings us to a sad announcement: we’re closing the online shop.

Closing the shop has been on the cards for a while. Finding a suitable courier for small orders has been getting progressively harder for the last two years, while with only one full time alchemist (Hello! That’s me!) the strain of needing to be constantly available on short notice for incoming orders has been mounting up.

Don’t despair though, we are not closed. We are still here. We are still open and available for events, talks and for larger orders. We have a slick new website which shows off everything we can do for you, take a look. We still want to run a pop-up bar for your birthday party, make a jelly forest for your engagement or just make that birthday liqueur for your grandma. Drop us an email, we will see what we can do.

But we hope that without the online shop to run we’ll have more time and energy for some bigger and better public projects. So stay with us and check your emails. This will be a year of pop-ups and parties.

It will also be the year of the Special Secret Project. We can’t say more right now, but it is so very exciting and we will be announcing it sometime in the next few weeks. We really are so very excited about this that we just might burst. We can’t wait to tell you.

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